Photo Essay: Homeless in Dublin

  • Homeless in Dublin

    In January 2016 I spent two weeks in Dublin, Ireland and developed this photo essay, "Homeless in Dublin." To see it in it's intended format and entirety, please click on the link.


    According to estimates by the Chicago Coalition for the

    Homeless, 125,848 people were homeless in Chicago during the 2014-15 year.

    Victims of poverty, segregation, drugs, domestic violence, war, and other crimes are struggling on the streets everyday; but they are not just contained to the streets of Chicago.

    Homelessness is seen around the globe, connecting humanity by one of its lowest points. 

    Focus Ireland estimates that at any given time there are at least 5,000

    people homeless in Ireland. This issue is particularly seen in the capital city of Dublin.

    The homeless on the streets of Dublin come from all walks of life, much like those living on the streets in Chicago.

    These are some of their stories:

    Do you ever stay in public housing or shelters?

    No, it’s too dangerous. People come up to you with blades and knives and try to take things from you.

    Why are you out on the streets?

    Drug addiction. Heroin.

    I have to pay fine in Poland, over 1000 euro, otherwise embassy doesn’t want to give me passport.

    I stole a bicycle from a neighbor’s basement, some food, and an amplifier from a friend. That was 2002. I got three years probation…my parole officer said it was OK if I go to Ireland.

    My parole officer retired young, and new, blood thirsty officer came and “couldn’t find my file”…said I didn’t meet requirements which was bullshit. If I had money for lawyer, I would win case.

    Of course the Garda are harsh! They say I'm blockin' the path! Does it look like I'm blockin' the path?!

    I've been sellin' books for about 3 1/2 years. It's against the law ya know to ask for money, so I sell the books to make a bit more money.

    How long have you been homeless?

    13 years... was a family breakdown...people not getting along...